Interest specific

Join marketplaces of your specific interests and start buying and selling what you love

Community driven

Every marketplace you join is build and managed by fellow users of the community

User curated

Users of the community will help you pick the marketplaces that match your interests

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoListo?

GoListo is a new type of social commerce platform that empowers its users to build their own marketplaces based on interests or needs.

What is a marketplace?

A marketplace is, simply put, an interest specific community build by one or more users. Anyone can build a marketplace, invite their friends and start buying and selling right away.

Why should I use GoListo?

GoListo is build by the community, that means you and me. If you wanna buy, sell and discuss the things you love alongside people who cares, this is the place.

When should I use GoListo?

You can use GoListo anytime. When you need to find that special pair of Yeezys you’ve been looking for, ask your marketplace community. When you’re just browsing around to see what’s new. Or if you need to quickly list an item you want to sell GoListo will make that happen for you.

Can I use GoListo without signing up?

Yes. Use GoListo to browse items and find exciting marketplaces to explore without making an account. If you want to buy or comment on items, communicate with other users or join marketplaces, you’ll need to sign up - it’s quick, simple, and free. During the beta period, you will need an account to access the GoListo platform.

What is the difference between GoListo and a traditional, established marketplace platform?

GoListo is also a social platform, not merely a marketplace platform. We want to empower the community to use our platform as they like with whom they like. When you list an item, you can be sure that the chance of finding a buyer is higher than on most other marketplaces.

For additional questions, please e-mail