Secure digital ownership of your collectibles

Tokenize your collection with Golisto to sell faster, represent true ownership and protect the provenance of your assets.

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Why tokenize your collection?

Ownership verification brings transparency and helps both buyers and sellers feel safe when trading.

Sell faster

Knowing that seller has the item in hand and is vouching for its condition is key to moving the asset faster.


The asset will be minted and get a unique ID on the blockchain protecting its provenance for eternity.


The asset will be immutable and readily accessible if an accident strikes and insurance needs you to prove ownership.

How tokenization works

Blockchain technology is the driving force behind our digital ownership verification, all you need is a free account to get started.

1. Become a seller

Start by registering your free Golisto account and log in to the Golisto app. Next step is becoming a seller, which you do by navigating to the sell tab and tap “Start selling”.

2. Add item

Once you’ve completed the seller onboarding, you are ready to start adding your collection and mint your most valuable items. Add an item to your collection within minutes, with relevant images, description and item details.

3. Mint item

When you’re done adding your item you’re invited to start the minting process right away. Just follow the instructions in the app and you will have a freshly minted item to sell, showcase or keep for how ever long you want.

The leading auction marketplace for collectors and passionate buyers with only 5% sales fee.

Concordium´s talented science and engineering team is weaving the threads of cryptography, sculpting ingenious protocols and security models.

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